About WSWE

Welcome to Where Should We Eat, the ultimate guide to satisfy your appetite in the Phoenix Metro area. As two self-proclaimed foodies living in the valley we were always looking for a website to help us find places to eat, certain types of cuisines and restaurant information. We found sites that gave outdated or lacked information, conflicting consumer reviews, and most importantly left out locally owned restaurants. We were frustrated and over dinner one night the idea of WhereShouldWeEat.com was born.  No need to search other sites, we’ve got all your cravings covered here! We’ve got a clear and simple list of the basics with our “restaurant ingredients”, you can read about our restaurant experiences in our negative free “he said, she said section”, try our easy map tool, and find healthy alternatives with our partnership with Dr. Sonya.  So don’t waste away searching for a place… WhereShouldWeEat.com!

About “He”
From authentic Cuban food in Miami to grand old southern cooking in Alabama and finally to some amazing southwest cuisine He has lived across the US and settled in Phoenix.  His eyes were opened to the wide range of worldly cuisines available in metro Phoenix area. He believes most Phoenicians don’t realize the amazing variety of renowned chefs and award winning food right around the corner from them.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he travels weekly for work and gets to imbibe in the best this country has to offer. He may be open to almost all cuisine but if you ask nicely he would say he likes nothing better than a quality burger and some truffle fries for a perfect meal.

About “She”
has been a resident of the valley for over 25 years, watching it change and grow has only benefited her love of trying new restaurants. As a small business owner she always strives to try independently owned restaurants. Travel is a big part of her life which has introduced her to many exotic cuisines from all over the world and she prides herself on trying anything once, even questionable delicacies.  She enjoys dinning with people who are equally opened minded about food and loves finding new delicious places then recommending them!

About “He Said/She Said Approved”

During one of our many restaurant experiences, we from time to time both really enjoy our meal and the whole experience and want to identify it for you our readers. So who gets our approval? First, we both have to walk out of our experience wanting to come back, not just “Sure I’d go back”, but “Can we go back tomorrow?”. Something special stands out to both of us. Second, we both have to agree to it! If “He” liked it but “She” doesn’t or vice versa? Then it gets no seal. Just another way to help you find just the right place. I mean after all, we don’t want you wasting away!

About Advertising With Us

Do you love the site? We do! Lots of other people do too. So why not connect your business with our users. We’d be happy to talk to you about options. Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!