Worth Takeaway Experience

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In the heart of Mesa, right smack in the middle of Main Street, sits a quaint sandwich shop called Worth Takeaway.

Worth caught my attention on Instagram with their mouthwatering posts of artisan sandwiches and I knew I had to pop in for a visit.

The restaurant has an urban feel as soon as you enter with its contemporary décor and walk-up counter service. One large table sits in the center of the establishment and high-top counter seating borders the sides.

As I was scanning the menu, I struck up a conversation with the owner and got a bit of Worth’s backstory. Worth’s husband and wife team duo dreamed up this tasty idea after traveling throughout the East Coast and Europe. They encountered many small sandwich shops with a quick and quality concept and wanted to incorporate that feel back in Arizona.

Pairing their ideas with a wonderful chef resulted in the birth of Worth Takeaway.

Their love for Arizona and passion to promote other local businesses shined throughout the conversation. Using Proof bread, Danzeisen Dairy products, Provision Coffee and soon partnering with a local brewery opening down the street are just some of the examples of their local pride.

This is the type of Arizona camaraderie I love and I could have chatted with them for hours!

But, back to what we came in for — the food! Worth’s menu is fairly small with the focus on sandwiches with a few sides, soups, rotisserie chicken and one option for dessert: banana pudding.

I opted for the Crispy Chicken Sandwich — fried chicken, house made sweet and spicy pickles, lettuce, Sriracha honey spread and a hint of mayo served on a Proof bun.

Absolutely. Delectable.

The crispy chicken’s breading soaks up the spicy-sweet combo of the Sriracha honey as the tangy pickles add a bit of crunch. Fresh Proof ciabatta perfectly hugs together these southern-influenced ingredients resulting in a stellar sandwich.

Next was the banana pudding. I figured if they offered only one desert it was probably was going be good.

This banana pudding was better than good. It was phenomenal.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it — rich and creamy but not too sweet with the perfect banana-custard-cookie ratio. The surprise was a subtle salty element that balanced all the flavors giving this desert an addictive quality.

I found myself making “mmm” sounds in between bites!

Clearly my visit to Worth Takeaway was a tasty success and I now sigh with envy when I see their Instagram feed because I know the deliciousness on which I am missing out.

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The Chicken Scoop Experience

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A new concept, the Chicken Scoop, has opened in The Promenade Scottsdale at Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Scottsdale Road that offers chicken salad.

Wait, chicken salad? Yes: 14 gourmet flavors of chicken salad served on a bed of greens, in a sandwich or warmed up in a “toastie” (cheesy hot sandwich.)

I was lucky enough to be invited to not only try out this new restaurant but taste ALL 14 flavors. As a gal who loves chicken salad, I went with an eager and empty stomach.

The décor is modern, clean and inviting as you walk into Chicken Scoop. I would describe it as contemporary with a kick of Southern charm. I felt like I was invited into someone’s kitchen as beautiful cabinets, chalkboards and even hints of green from well-placed plants welcomed me in.

The menu is straight-forward: 14 flavors of chicken salad served three ways.

I was ready to dig-in and start sampling one spoonful at a time. I thought it would be easy to single out a favorite or two, but as I made my way through the samples, I realized coming up with a favorite was going to be a difficult task.

Here are my top choices:

  • BBQ (bacon, cheddar and BBQ sauce)
  • Spicy Thai (cashews, green onion and spicy thai peanut sauce)
  • Chipotle (black beans, corn and smoky chipotle sauce)
  • Curry (raisins, almonds and curry seasons)
  • Popper (jalapenos, bacon and cream cheese dressing)
  • Southwest (jalapenos, cheddar and southwest seasoning)
  • Waldorf (grapes, apples and walnuts)

As I made my way through the menu, I chatted with one of the owners, Dana, inquiring where the recipes came from. She informed me that some were old family recipes from the South and some were new creations.

I also learned the chicken is all-natural, never frozen and hormone- and gluten-free, which is a nice added bonus.

I knew after the 14 mouthwatering tastes I needed to get my hands on one of their toasties. The BBQ flavor seemed like a great choice to be transformed into a hot sandwich.

It turned out to be a stellar choice. The warm chicken and BBQ sauce merged together as the cheddar cheese transformed into the perfect stringy consistency finished with smoky hints from the bacon. Each bite was a warm piece of delicious Southern comfort.

Sides include soups, potato salads and slaws to complete your meal.

Last — but definitely not least — each meal comes with a complimentary dessert pudding scoop. The flavor changes seasonally and I got to try the banana pudding. This little piece of heaven was amazing. I know I sound a bit dramatic, but the Chicken Scoop has nailed their pudding!

If you are a fan of chicken salad you are going to LOVE the Chicken Scoop. The original concept, amazing food and inviting environment is why I keep telling friends and family they need to stop in for a visit.

Though this is their first location, I have a great feeling we will be seeing other Chicken Scoops hatching all around the Valley. Lucky us!

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Stock & Stable Experience

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Only open a few months now, it seems like the word about Stock & Stable has spread like wildfire. Hearing only good things about it, I decided to check it out for myself.  Located at The Colony we decided to hit it up for brunch one Saturday morning. We arrived soon after they opened and the trickle of diners were already moseying in.

We quickly got seated and our waiter couldn’t have been friendlier. My dining companioning was debating over different IPAs and our informative waiter Andrew quickly helped him narrow down his choice. I stuck with an exciting OJ on this particular morning.

The menu is on the smaller side, but sometimes I prefer that because it usually indicates the restaurant has perfected those items. Benedicts, French Toast Sticks and even Beef Tongue Hash & Eggs are just a few of the brunch menu items. I decided on the Biscuit and Gravy and my dining companion decided on the traditional Steak & Eggs. 

As we waited for our meals, I got a chance to get a good look around. The modern restaurant has a nice rustic flare giving it the feeling it has been there awhile. Subtle touches like horse paintings, exposed lighting and hefty wood furnishings tie in with the name. The large bar is the focal point of the room and seems to be inviting you in to a grab a drink and snack. I even spotted USB ports (which every bar should have these days) to keep you fully charged so you can summons that uber if needed.

Our brunch arrived and both were nicely plated. My dining companion’s Steak & Eggs were exactly what you would expect to be served on a ranch. A medium rare steak (diner’s choice) hugging two bright sunny side eggs. The side of breakfast frites was the pleasant surprise on the plate and I had to try a forkful of those. Oh Yum!! Warm and soft interior with a crisp almost crunchy exterior. Thumbs up to the taters. My Biscuits & Gravy were also a winning dish. Mild but flavorful sausage gravy smothering two pull-apart buttery biscuits topped with a fried egg. The perfect “stick to your ribs” kind of breakfast.

Located on the second floor is Honor Amongst Thieves, a lounge featuring an extensive list of handcrafted cocktails that are reinventions of the classics. Small bites including cheese and cured meat boards are offered there as well.

I already have a return trip planned to Stock & Stable to check out their social hour which they offer everyday between 3pm and 6pm with discounted cocktails and small snacks. The truffle buttered popcorn is rumored to be amazing…guess I will have to wait and see!

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Burger Theory Experience

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Pulling up to Burger Theory for dinner, I must admit I was a bit skeptical whether I was going to like the joint. The restaurant sits off of 44th and McDowell attached to a Holiday Inn which took me by surprise. Restaurants attached to motels have a bad reputation of being filled with airport travelers, mediocre food and crappy drink selections. Boy, did Burger Theory prove me WRONG! A beautiful modern restaurant awaits with nice little rustic touches that give this burger joint a welcoming atmosphere.

The menu is filled with American favorites but we knew exactly what we were there for…The Burgers! You have a choice of one of their signature burgers or you can choose to B.Y.O.B. (Build Your Own Burger.) With over 4,320 possibilities a gal could get a bit overwhelmed so I ordered their most popular burger, The Lone Star. A beef patty with thick-cut bacon, cheddar cheese, Parmesan-panko onion ring and BBQ sauce. Lip smacking good! I chose a side of onion rings because I figured the one on my burger just wouldn’t be enough. I had heard good things about their roasted garlic mayo and got a side of it to dip my onion rings into (If you are going to splurge, do it right!) It was a homerun, I ate every last bite! My dining companion decided to B.Y.O.B and built an American cheese-veggie burger with roasted garlic mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, grilled onions and pickles. She was very pleased and said it was one of the best veggie burgers she has ever had. Not one bit salty or dry which veggie burgers are notorious for being.  

When I saw the house-made mini-desserts served in individual mason jars on the menu I knew I needed to save room for dessert. We chose the Key Lime Pie and the S’mores flavors. Both were absolutely delicious and the small mason jar was the perfect amount of sweet after a heavy burger dinner.

Burger Theory also offers local craft beers with a great selection on Happy Hour daily. The bar seems to always have a constant flow of patrons giving the restaurant a nice lively feel. We did hear about their summer special which runs now through Labor Day weekend; when the temps reaches over 105 degrees the Burger Theory Iced Tea (Long Island Iced Tea) and the house Margarita are half off. Now that’s a refreshing deal!

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Second Story Liquor Bar Experience

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Who would have thought to find a hidden gem located in plain sight? Right on Scottsdale Road in the heart Old Town Scottsdale, the Second Story Liquor Bar is waiting to deliver another winning meal. I love that they continue to keep up with the seasons by altering their menu and changing their innovative New American creations every few weeks. The low lighting and limited space gives The Second Story Liquor Bar a sophisticated speakeasy vibe.

True to the name, it is located on the second floor above The Gelato Spot with a small, wrapped balcony overlooking Scottsdale Road.

To start, you must order one of their fancy craft cocktails.  They are listed by era on the menu, starting in the 1800’s. I couldn’t resist the Corpse Reviver, which was served in a coupe with gin, lillet blanc, conitreu, crème de violtette and lemon juice. My dining companions enjoyed the Gin Fizz and the Bees Knees, which they both agreed were divine.

For dinner, we decided to get several plates for the table.

The French onion arancini was a wonderful starter. Little round bites oozing with Gruyere cheese and all the delicious flavors you expect in French onion soup.

Next was the pumpkin gnocchi. All of fall’s wonderful flavors together in one dish! The rustic and comforting spices combined with the fluffy gnocchi was a stellar combination.

The bright red beet risotto was up next. Not only was this dish visually stunning, but it was equally tasty. The natural earthiness of the beets paired perfectly with the risotto. This dish was surprisingly hearty and gave the perfect salty contradiction to the sweetness of the pumpkin gnocchi.

For dessert, we indulged in the banana foster bread pudding. Continuing with the comforting fall flavors, this capped the evening off perfectly. Paired with popcorn-flavored ice cream, this traditional dessert was given a unique, smoky kick that was strangely addicting.

The Second Story Liquor Bar delivered an amazing meal again, I am glad I fit in a visit and got to experience this season’s menu!

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Snoh Experience

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With Arizona’s high summer temperatures quickly approaching, Snoh is a place you must go try!

Snoh is a cross between ice cream and shaved iced — originally called bao bing — and can be historically tracked as early as the seventh century in China.

Thank goodness us Phoenician can conveniently drive over to Snoh to get a taste of this cool treat. The consistency is quickly addicting and feels like light fluffy snow that is so airy it just evaporates on your tongue in a cotton candy-type of way.

On the few visits I have made to Snoh, I ended up just staring up at the menu for a long time. I am so indecisive because, quite honestly, everything sounds interestingly good and my curiosity takes over.

With options like the Sesame Street (black sesame Snoh, M&Ms, Oreo cookies and butterscotch) or Mountain of Dew (honey dew Snoh, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, mochi balls and caramel), it’s just too hard to decide.

Their best seller, the Breakfast Bowl (milk crème Snoh, Fruity Pebbles, strawberries and condensed milk), is a taste bud’s dream come true!

The small parlor is always hopping, and to some patrons, is a neighborhood place to hangout — people chatting, laughing and playing board games fill the quaint space.

If you haven’t tried it for yourself, you must. It’s definitely more than just a stop at your local ice cream joint, it is an experience!

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